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Les pedimos su solidaridad para dar su voto al trabajo documental de Tamara Herman y Susi Porter-Bopp sobre los impactos de la minería canadiense en África. Les llevará unos cuantos minutos y con ello aportarán a la causa global en contra del modelo extractivista que azota al planeta. Tamara Herman ha sido una destacada investigadora y activista que ha realizado un trabajo muy importante de investigación sobre New-Gold Minera San Xavier en Cerro de San Pedro (México). Les pedimos su apoyo solidario para distribuir este mensaje entre sus redes. Mil gracias. JCRG

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Plenty's Paradox is a documentary-in-the making that takes a hard look at Canadian mining projects in Africa. It is also one of 12 finalists selected to participate in the prestigious Cuban Hat Pitch documentary film competition.

The 3 minutes it takes you to vote for this documentary will help bring peoples’ stories from the community frontlines of Canadian-owned mines in Africa to screens across the world.

Please help us get to the next stage of the Cuban Hat Pitch by voting for our submission!
Go to this web page before October 19th and scroll down:

After you vote, you will be asked to look in your inbox for a message from the Cuban Hat Pitch and click on a confirmation link. And that’s it! If Plenty’s Paradox passes to the next phase of the competition, the film has a chance at winning thousands of dollars in much-needed technical services and support.

What is this film about?
Tamara Herman and Susi Porter-Bopp are two independent filmmakers who self-funded an investigative trip to Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania to unearth the stories behind several of the world’s largest Canadian-owned mines. In Africa, we saw some of the planet’s most lucrative resource extraction projects sitting right next to the world’s poorest communities. Plenty’s Paradox asks critical questions about why communities, governments and Canadian corporations are so often pitted against each other in a battle for the extraction of the earth’s riches. 

Why is this film important?
This century’s global scramble for metals and minerals has led hundreds of Canadian mining corporations to Africa in search of the next big mine find. It's estimated that seventy-five percent of the world’s mining corporations are based in Canada. Why are so many firms Canadian? Part of the answer lies in the fact that Canadians like you and me finance mining companies through taxes paid to government, investments, and even pension plans. But who gets rich off Canadian mines?

From police shootings in the waste rock of African Barrick Gold’s North Mara gold mine to new schools built by Vancouver-based First Quantum Minerals in Zambia, Plenty’s Paradox probes deeply into questions and contradictions surrounding big mining in small-town Africa. It asks whether mines really do bring development, jobs and wealth to communities. And looks at why some mines have left a trail of conflict, poverty and environmental devastation in their wake.

How will the film help people better understand mining?
The goal of Plenty’s Paradox is to share views and perspectives on mining from Africa, to show how Canadians finance mining corporations, and inspire people across Canada to take action. Our goal is to have the final 52-minute documentary televised, circulated at film festivals around the world, and distributed to community groups and organizations working on social and environmental justice issues for screenings.

What's the Cuban Hat Pitch and how will it help us get the message out?
   We have dozens of hours of raw footage, but to make Plenty’s Paradox a truly compelling documentary, we have many months of hard work ahead of us. The Cuban Hat Pitch would allow us to work with professionals in the film industry to turn our footage into a story that has a real impact on how Canadian mining companies operate overseas.

The Cuban Hat Pitch is one of the few ways that young creative filmmakers producing films on controversial topics (such as Canadian mining in Africa!) can get support. The competition is a non-profit initiative that allows audiences and friends in the film industry to encourage filmmakers with the best documentary ideas to get produced.

We need your help!
In this second phase of the Cuban Hat Pitch, we need to place in the top 5 in order to move onto the next stage: presenting our pitch to an open audience, consisting of delegates and industry professionals who will in turn vote for their favorite project.

So far, we've funded almost this entire project out of our own pockets because we believe that the story of us, Africa and Canadian mining companies needs   to be told. Our costs have included paying for production fixers, translation, and transport while recording over 40 hours of footage over a six-month shoot in Africa. 

What to do:
Step 1: Go to this page and watch our pitch:

Step 2: Click on the "Vote" icon and vote for our pitch: There's an optional "donate" box, but really all we're asking for is your vote :)

Step 3: You'll receive a confirmation email. Open it, and click on the confirmation link.

Step 4: Tell your friends, families, colleagues and any people concerned with mining! If each of you sends this e-mail even to 2 additional people, that will equal 200 additional votes!

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